They twist and turn to earn it all
Whilst their utterly beloved and chosen few are sent off to fight a most vicious war
They sidle on up their favourite coloured negligee in an attempt at avoiding these piercingly momentary frowns managing to surround their everything
Once more
All Of The Way Over
Suddenly – a silver winners medal pinned to the centre of their fluttering hearts, then right after that back to their seriously mundane existences
Pirouette negligence, bent over backwards to make the rent on their clapped-out Parisian apartments
A saddened albeit made-up face to earmark the pure distaste flailing every which way
Coursing on through it
The Eiffel Tower holding no such power – nothing but a distant dream right about now
We pay for the sins we do indeed seem to create, fate playing its hollowed-out card altogether
They see the shards of ‘bullet-proofed’ windows upon the telly, when will he ever get to return home to his daughter-baby?
Maybe never, ever…
These ‘powers-that-be’, they would have it no other way
‘Til another bullet – equally silver in colour – pierces right through the centre of his very own bleeding heart, her whole thirst-ridden universe
Total discourse
These decisions were always going to turn out to be entirely flawed
Seems so, to fight a rather irrational problem you will need to thaw one cappuccino-swilling life at a time

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