“It’s the wish to create the uncreated – a sort of writing that truly does translate to one reader or the other, and in one way for one, obviously another for the other. I call them scribbles because that loose term is perfectly representative of my approach to the whole thing. I’m slowly, surely realising that I may never get to create a piece of writing that works wonders for me at least. For others isn’t going to be enough either. What do I want? Honest, I’ve no real idea nor any kind of an idyllic ideal anymore. It’s become a fair deal frustrating actually, to never feel truly capable with this lifelong word-search both -splurge of mine – all lonely ol’ mine. What if perhaps the scribbles could happen whilst I went squarely about my day? Why can’t that thing happen too!? Or maybe it just can – someday, but soon perhaps. Can’t it?”