‘The Girl Who Put The ‘Ex’ In Sex’

The time, thunder, the tumult of the lopsided situ – a sitting pretty, honorary little asphyxiation wears her favourite best legs-eleven

Sexually, gently suppressed into wrought-iron…

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‘if calsberg did disasters’

if carlsberg did disasters

the demented mole man – soul-drunk and heavy holds his own scope for alcoholic hostage
lounges, wavers, meanderingly alters his seriously set-in-stone situation

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‘A Head Built For The Script’

Love – He takes the pen and attempts to fend – miraculously amidst all of the peripheral noise which speaks in equally loud and compressive tongues… syllables,…

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‘The Prize Priced Golden’

Voracious in one word and able to wholly concentrate, to coin a brand new term will take ferocious insight quarrels suggestively with envious aperture gloriously arisen. Taking…

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‘Eagle-Eyed Willard’

He manages to break every next which rule, all while turning his world unofficially toward utter apprehension – the sting in the proverbial tale tells a truculent…

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