‘Hidden Figures’

Nicotene bites at the trail of her softly scattering fingernails – And a dark yellow stain sails angrily against

The face of one room’s par excellence…

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“Situational, Perhaps, These Daft Delinquents”

Brutal moments of worryingly inappropriate conundrum caused by utter lack of carefree commotion, disaster-ridden rather. A slaughtering clusterf**king of never-ending, nerve-laden malpractice, which twists itself ingloriously amidst…

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“Truly Julie”

Broken-ended by way of mannerly sensation – wherein this playful plagiarist poet will oh, so wilfully attempt to make mediocre sense again

Sometimes insane, some shy…

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‘Neat Blue Blood’ – seriously working

The medium took some seriously enigmatic concentration quantified rightly by constant per-early-am. atrophy. Namely of a bargaining both bothered body of endlessly needling bones – having conscientiously…

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‘New York Maze Matters’

Stellar cocktails permitted by unofficial people – namely these make-believe, living seething Artistes only minus the capital gaining

What shall it perhaps take for aforementioned individuals…

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