‘Concrete Feet’

A stolen someone – concrete feet and she feels it all make its murky way around the surrounds of a theatrical somebody

Ashen-faced, living seething people…

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‘Perfectly Perturbed’

This moving object holds no real gain but for otherworldly creation – been sinning to win outright, midst the nocturnal fight of a strifetime

Flustered rolled-up…

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‘Special Places’

What if I said to you that the earth wasn’t supposed to taste so very sickeningly suggestive -…

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‘The King Of Irregularity’

These books of constant criticism living inside of his addled mind – a woollen green jumper his favourite thing

Remarkably unkempt and harassed by ceaseless creation…

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‘Different By Default’

Pummelled to the deathly : ready but never ready
Unfit, unable, utter promiscuity

An Artist carries the wrong heart altogether
Far-fetched yet… bolstered to the bones of his…

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‘Nocturnal Normalcy’

Seven ranges of rip-torn rain placing themselves against the winding winds – shy time’s been relatively, enticingly, kind and in a none too typified way


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‘Mired By My Own Magnificence’

Seventeen layers of strategically stratified unholy catastrophe and all of it a skin-deep and terrifically shape-shifting thing of bewildering disposition

The chosen one – bipolar-bound by…

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‘Daily Sex With Strangers’

He takes her dismantled dress and depresses its natural curvature of rightful reasoning – he solemnly sees that she has been bleeding by the multitude of bleeds,…

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