‘Dangerous Advertisings’

Inebriating Irish coffee at a dastard-handed glance & creative cocktail-shaking men placed handsomely amidst the

Middle of the malnourished evening time

Seems she’s been waiting…

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‘How To Sleep With Strangers’

Oh, you are all but distant children in the end … relative intelligence with mild inhibition-ing
Strangers have been happening to her again

Sparkling cyanide champagne in…

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‘Blood Punch’

That stacked, packed punch – ingenuous when spattered scintilla-tingly against

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‘Stacked Butterflies’

Her lonely only fiend of a friend / the stage has set itself up by the break of the line

Blue blurred wine in the evening…

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‘Gerberg’s Genesis’

Substantial and substandard all in one jovial go – why won’t she please please our loose-ended senses? So singular and so very singularly interpersonal, she seems to…

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‘Lady Bird’

When they asked her if she might have anything left, well, she told them that “not quite”. That it would have to be something from nothing, something…

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