Seems we are all just sitting with our Legs Up In The Air
Dangling for all of an eternity
With Red Ribbons In Our Hair Seems we all just want something outta absolutely nothing // nothing Outta Absolutely Something
Vanilla extract, you drive me Crazy daft, Distract my goddamn everything
Strutting our carefree stuff ’til the sun comes right round again
Sinnin’ ’til we’re winnin’ // winnin’ ‘Til We’re Absolutely Sinnin’ All Over The Place
It will make Perfect Sense soon as we least begin to expect it
Heaps of regret held up Quite Fragrantly By Foundations Far, Far Superior… sounder even
– – –
– – – –
– – – – –
Get to Pound These pretty Pavements ’til the end of time if needs be my friend // You See What I Mean
As I drop my carefree hand knowing full well that we were always meant to be Just so You Know you made the Foot-Fall Happen Right From The Very Start.

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