This earnest man is entirely, unfalteringly otherworldly
And we’ve a fair feeling that he did indeed earn it
Sitting rather disorderly yet nonetheless quite interestingly – just his outright pedigree nature – with this soothing cigarette which will continuously sit of its own haphazard accord, tracking its altogether enticingly wayward whereabouts
Who knows
Whilst remaining right between his famed sticky-out ear for now and the concentrated side of his all too curious head
Subtly greying, he tees it on up
Stripping away this utterly devoted, absolutely unaccustomed to instrumental change outer layer
Next he takes an all too surprising light and prepares himself to delve quite a fierce and masterfully cutting degree deeper
A poised flicker
Momentarily savour the downright flavour however unbecoming of him it may well turn out to be
When one such cigarette finally permits an over-enthused, dutiful octogenarian all kinds of everything

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