If I tried to explain OCD in just one word I’d have you and yours in a spiral like no other
Not to mention myself
Unfortunately never, ever forgetting my headstrong mother
Goodness gracious
Oh how it somehow still manages to take me mind-bogglingly asunder
The silent Grim-Reaper
Perfection, something I never came looking for in the first place
A mammoth race between the boggled mind and what’s entirely rational
What will be may well be, albeit when there’s an imbalance going on in that head it can often prove near impossible to realise what’s right and what’s pure irrationality up inside
‘Til such time as you find yourself once more glued to that dangerously enticing bed – oh how I cannot but dread those thorns aside the petals
All against your will yet we still need to take the prescribed pill
Eventually you shall drop that cliche prescription – no more hiding
Face forward, vying to write your very own scripture
No longer fine-tooth combing your every diction, be it on the page or otherwise
Fact of the matter is this, a fool with no OCD is far better off than a ‘genius’ with