Exactly what she requested, a poem about her life, far less about women
Had to put my foot down, inform her this to be my sole decision
But we are swimming inside of your each and every last rhyme, why not talk about, hmm… hows about MY day!!
On any kind of commission absolutely…
So, I have to pay… who even does that!!?
I do, in fact
For quite a few I’ll have you know too
But, but… then you’re nothin’ but a thief, getting to meet before pouring on into us, causing one to remain leafed between your two such chosen pages
My, oh my the rage swimming right now all of its own awkward accord throughout this particular woman
Tell you what, I’ll write one for free, the other half-price, cannot say far fairer than that, surely?
Pure animosity; what did she do next, she tore on into every last part of me
Heck, actually I don’t think I like your poetry all that much anymore
What’ll it be, a pretty penny, or age-old honour?
I’ll take honour any day of the God-given week, besides ’tis impossible to speak well of those less equipped when the time does come for they to stand their ground
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I could do it if I want
NOW, pound that pavement young lady, fuck right off on out of my life

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