I want your emblazoned smile to turn in my every direction
A suggestion but I need to whisper a little something in your wicker-work ear, admit why it is exactly you’ve been running on quick-fire repeat on up inside
This mind is typically blinded – on repeat, hopelessly devoted to meeting your heart-flapping glare halfway every single time
Please say you might just feel the same
Don’t blame you if you don’t; this coffee, blue jam scone, Darjeeling tea has me reeling
See it all
Completely driven to a point of distraction – fair immaculate
Can you not see that my coffee has been flat damn near ninety-minutes
Saturated by your seriously crystallised eyes all over – that simple albeit memorable fleck garners crazy respect all of its own
Even so much as a cold shoulder might touch me fair flagrantly, serendipitously frighten me, oh so courageously bring me to your every table
There were days when I was far more able
Hellbent entirely upon charming you silly, ’til relatively early-doors still your bleeding heart all over
I know I can only ever hope
Either way, so you know you do seem to hold the rope, the noose – and you can tie it however you might like by the end

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