Little bright – eyed young men who’ve been bombarded and harassed to within an ungodly inch – whipped thighs, laceless shoes, broken bones, having been forced to pay courtesy of their each and every primary – school tear
None too cleared away come the evening time again, they do indeed bellow and squeal toward a mother’s sacrificial ear
Muted for one reason only, seems she’s experienced it all before
Mistreated teachers who carry with them their very own wickedly inept memories pained upon heartbreakingly, ever – lastingly strong
Shall continue to pay it nauseatingly, oh so frightfully forward, like only they know how – cherry – pick an unsuspecting, albeit equally misbehaving individual at will and exhaust them down to their last known breath
‘Til courage aside unimaginable fear causes them to unwillingly go all over again
The stepping stone, flicked pebble from Hell – crying out loud for an abrupt ripple of remarkably sought after sorts