They are envious little repeat offenders of irreparable productivity, they’ve even sided with themselves yet again and asked

Another utterance of… jaded faced questions – when the quest actually indeed becAme the Question(!!) It may’Ve been rather rarely sentiMENTAL which way we

Went “neXt(!!!)” ~~ When it’s hard to understand the tiredness inside of their kaleidoscopic and inescapably intelligent eyes. “Their feeling for suffering held no such place EVER+aGAIN. Safest to say what they have spoken with themselves abouT.” It’s

A singular shout against the shallowness of shape of the whole wide System of:: unabashed understanding.

Where’ve they been(?) but for… ahem…. borrowing a piece of history’s property. Literally AND imaginatively speaking til s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g ~~~> in the faces of these

Delinquent people. And if there is a crack at the heart of their happiness, then:: “LET’S swim ON-IN and drown ourselves in maniacal daFtNeSs!!!”