Three used up rolled-up Amber Leafs on the ashtray, where he would try and return for the remainder of the day, now and then
At one with the whole damn process if a little or a lot lost
These words needing to make some kind of an impression yet he just cannot seem to rid that woman from his mind – pretty for all intents
Hellbent on destroying his everything
A half-guzzled bottle of whiskey waiting it out, shining like nothing else has ever done before
He pours a hard glass, as neat as anything he has ever seen and knocks it back, waiting for the drunk nature of it all to swallow him whole
He is a lonely man and there is nothing that can manage to change that from continuing to happen
Not unless she lets herself back on into his life – one step at a forlorn time
Here she comes with her half-guzzled bottle of wine again
Seems he does indeed love these utter cracks in the pavement called life
An altogether coloured-crazy kind of black and white

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