There is a darned damn darkness that never ever need have existed, but for the twist amidst the KiSS shared InESCAPABLY between: both He &She’s been—>>

Breaking her bottom-dollar BUCK-WEED brain to come back to HIM Again. And it started to f-e-e-l like

Brand. New. Beautiful a long time ago. These are the days of these are the People
With their hearts still standing and their might of MinDs stILL playful AND

Pandering necessarily—->ToTheBeat OfAMillionOther
Pedestrianised festival-of-feet. To speak with SilENce iN MinD IS

To break all of the GODdamn rules of Deregulated Irregularity, ACTually. They’ve had the absolute shyness of time of their

WideAWAKE-lives, actually, and for a whole WIDE sum-total of AN utterly ExPloSive decade, indeed

They DO NOT choose to worship at Anyone else’s feet anymore. Unless, OF COURSE, They can in-fACT tame themselves and RiOtoUsLy remain

…. HoStiLe and in a neatly attired manner // their aforementioned heARTS ARE an absolute ArtForm AllOnTheir MileAMinute Own; perfectly p-r-o-n-e

To aBlY pretending, if needs be BreAthIng. Have-A-Hearts been beating —

Hahahahaha-minds BEEN s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g AND SCHEMING amidst An Inordinate Level Of Inexplicable lAuGhTeR so VERY loud that

… … the house (Of Cards) fell down ALL-AROUND….

aforeMENTIONED “not-a-MOTHEREFFING-sound(!!)”

But for the signs, THE wideAWAKE sounds, of their NON-RESPONSIVE minds sometimes —-

Actually? There is probABLY Two-billion of a KIND and they all JUST MIGHT: ticker-tape the Time