And then she destroyed you all
Took your stop – start heart and mangled the intricate life right from it
As pretty fully – clothed as she is bare – naked and whispering in your stinging ear
Stringing your wanderlust eyes along with her sexy and soothing need for utmost approval
With a coffee and a burnt out crisp cigarette she will lean on in and know no boundaries but for your chest to caress her whole
Goddamnit, her artwork plays on love – hate rewind, a musical note corrupting your every floundering mind, gripping the throat below where blood shall start to pour and flow like a red carpet leading to the Devil’s Den
‘Til you’re starry – eyed and crazed for more of the exact same thing
To have her whole would be to lose yourself entirely – these diamanté-encrusted eyes were never so lost in all of their wanderlust life

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