Just everything does seem to make a whole lot more sense when you are about the place
Strutting your wholesome stuff to a mesmerising point of no real return
But you earned it, more than anyone else may have ever earned anything before
I remember it oh so vividly, that exact stone-cold morning when you took it entirely upon yourself to rap ten delicately manicured knuckles against my apartment door – one bed-roomed
Sure I was snoring, but you really didn’t seem to mind either way
Willing to ferociously wait it out ’til eventually managing to somehow force open my stiffened window-sill
All of your own accord, of course
Still adamant on making this thing happen
Oh so intriguingly, although never quite worryingly, thank Christ for that
Tracking my every single mid-afternoon move, or so you like to remind me of now
If you weren’t so very beautiful I might just have taken a second or so more in thinking this one through
But, as things stand, seems you always knew

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