This image inside their association of mind: when they shall have become other veritable versions of themselves and on

Utterly purpose, actually(..) We are above the state of starry faced equilibrium and Yet.. this level of layabout UPset seems to have us ALLtaNgLEdUP

In a twisted tale of treacherous bLiS$, even if(!) “we have AND had identified the error in their particular ways” —-))

Make “HEY(!!!)” they say; and be SURE-AS-SUGAR to let for these other PROPERLY people to proceed PROFESSionally and with their twisted innerWITS: “screaming at the seams.”

We were tired and terrifically torn-aSUNder AndFor—- so very effing long-A-TIME that it SHAN’T CONtinue on… …

And if it DOES… then, matter of fact: s-l-o-w-l-y as f*ck(… … …), we will

Die DostoyevskianInside — while still creating the unACHIEVABLE(!!)