Pushes herself to the bare-naked brink – haplessly helpless, this is our reconfigured and thanklessly misshapen mess

Who bounds herself by way of awfully unlawful pedigree – a hidden, living, seething entity of constant aside cutthroat entitlement

Red-ribboned imbecile wears concrete for feet – searching for the terrifically imagined unknown

The estranged in-between,
wherein the dastard devil goes to steal away your magnificent mortality

To strain the impeccable vision from her adolescent and juvenile young eyes – all awhile fixating heavily upon the six-feet dig to bring you downwards…

All gainful gains in nature needlessly reprised, endlessly vilified

… to an earth-ridden, angst-arisen place, wherein the soulful sins of yesteryear go to breathe like wildfire, mild-fire rather
Not be here anymore

Lilac skies & trapdoor surrounds – sounding all of us out

She breathes a breathless breath of fresh and stinging air when no-one’s been listening

Underground Overlord of entitlement begins – she still whispers sweet-nothings which still sing sweet, sweet realms of endless contagion

Near the nervous, agitated and alarmed nirvana of their listening ear

She morphine, the queen of my vaccine…