1Warlords and weightless workhorses -these quantifiable and justifiably, eagerly prepared people: both resolute and recklessly ready, are they really, though!?2To pawn it all away: via the sacrificial realignment aside ‘sacrosanct’ name of their favourite best poker-faced game3Placed both played jadedly alongside…4Namely…These artificial lambs to the chessboard slaughter- it takes these kinds of particularly pernicious people to make the delicate, deafening difference yet again…5When, really -well and surely- they aught-a have known far, far better than that, but for the barefaced fact it does indeed tend generally both generously toward this interspersed finger-entrapment of eagle-eyed theirs -all awhile it takes their beautiful and radiant brains perfectly both poisonously asunder…and to a place of mischievous discrepancyAgain!!!6Only ever UP until…”Special delivery, PL=EASE!!” means everything exceptionally pretty7’Til it meaningfully meanders, resurfaces and means to be: A case of hidden, thirst-laden identity8Indeed, of a balanced mind starts to inevitably both invitingly trump its hard shell-nature, whilst it conscientiously both comfortably coincides both bodaciously collides back against… … … The maniacal weight of His mad-hatter matter.

Yes, the genius is in the (taste… for tryhard) truculence, please!!!