To bring
And to breathe : and to secretively live and lucratively lie right by the deceptive in between

Is. This. Really. Dying?

To panic when irreversibly necessary
And to hold your chosen pronged sword for its whole wide thirsty worth – unnaturally bloodied and about to be both paramilitary poised and heroically imprisoned

To feel the scintillating things that other halfway people feel, to be pristine and ship-shape intensified

Attired. Suited ‘n’ booted lucratively so you do know, and to flabbergast and fire

This ear-aching truth serum from these oblong hips of unscripted his

Encrypted in thee, finally, and we need, need, n-e-e-d to witness a wishful way out from under beneath this God awful mess again

P-l-u-n-d-e-r-s-o-m-e and wildfire radiant til heartily strung up in wholesome juxtaposition supreme

Set to unequivocally scream. From these ‘mean(ingful) fists injected from the streets’

And sentimentally sent to cursory cause an unforgettable demonstration in utter hellbent destruction : ladies aside these thrill-seeking, weakened and sanctimoniously meagre mental-men, we offer you…

The Tuck On In
Vilified til gargantuan and comfortably intensified

His iron-emblazoned eyes hold all kinds of shyness … coated by … an incredible kind of unkindly rendering

When misbehaving correctly means to amalgamate everything

And, yet, these mysterious women will still remain eerily s-i-l-e-n-c-e-d

Til they take their last breath – too little too much pre-ordained death

Seems he was not meant to be fixed but rather an example of our times

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