It won’t shake with any kind of ease – it just doesn’t appear to wish to do that particular thing. But, to give the disorder any kind of a face can make it all of the more… tangible, animated, whichever, really. There will undoubtedly come a time when I will absolutely feel a need to sit myself down and to write about the Ocd (note how I would never give those three letters full capital gain – they don’t even deserve a place on this post) in all of its gory ability to outright debilitate the life from you. Can I be the one to finally go about helping sufferers’ to ‘turn it off’? ‘Cos that is exactly how it feels. Even at its most dastard and damnedest: Like there is an off-switch right there inside of your mind only your finger cannot seem to flick it off. Imagine that! Just imagine THAT.

Yes. I do think that I can be that particular person. And that that accomplishment with time would be the greatest achievement in my life. Of course it would!

Yeah… … the rest is just literary fiction filled with fun-fuelled, highly descriptive characters looking to somehow unearth a way to leap from the page and into people’s minds (and hearts). The only single part of the whole Ocd debacle that I can wholly accept is the blatantly obvious fact and living, breathing feeling that it managed to discombobulate my mind so very much that now, at least I am somehow able to analyse words and figure a way to try and make them lie as beautifully atop of a page as humanly possible. I deserve that.

Just be sure to read it off the page: Out Loud and with relative pace of personality. Silver linings and all that stuff 😉

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