Shrink and you’ll miss it all by way of cutthroat divide, between strenuously There and right here, right remarkably Right Now

You lose, you lose
Yet you keep on tremblin’ ‘n’ movin’ to your very own predisposed manoeuvre

Seems he ain’t nobody’s problem but his own – he’s got big plans and he’s gotta move so soon so as not to lose the mammoth groove

The hardest part has been undeniably true, few who knew,
except for those with an invitation amid this twisted ‘n’ shamefully shameless bettered brilliance

Classy boys don’t kiss cheap tarts in bars,
they rather simply turn up ‘n’ show up
‘n’ portray to all of you the better parts of them

To strip these deceitfully burgeoning, no less instrumentally insane memories
right away from him
Either way frozen-by-it-all forth

For nothing but plain outright pedestrianised pain intermingled amid unforgettable hardship – yet more than ever equipped

The knife-edge pledged
An undivided allegiance – to pummel ‘n’ pull

Been gone so very long a time, only ever a soaring sort of love it took
To bring him back to life

He waves to all of his friends, will never leave them again …

By his own admittance, this shall have to be, the most invaluable occurrence in the whole scintillated world of treasured ours – be it by word of mouth or otherwise he shall prise your eyes like they’ve never been,
never seen before

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