The momentary stare that shook a whole wide existence, permitted to him only ever by himself – we have to laugh like crazy, for he has been pushed and pulled to within a rather vigorous inch – quixotically dreaming nonetheless, adamant entirely upon leaving that excitable, all too desirable, impression
Mention his flame-haired mother, the very same one who furiously reared him, and he will shiver as though it were the most unsavoury thing in the globalised world
These genes are different, believe us above all else, he tamed that shamed beast the best that he could
Fastened from unbelievably detrimental experience, ’til turning out to be all that’s supremely delirious
Trembling when really he should have been smiling all along
Freeing these inner warmongers – dangerously fleeting sonsabitches with devilish stitches in their fingers, preposterously lingering, destroying him at the middle
Floundering albeit slowly, oh so delicately, coating everything in a sizeable and altogether comebackable ability
He teed it all up, interrupted what’s utterly derogatory, retold this story seven-billion glorious times over to anybody who would let themselves listen – added the colour in these mesmerisingly surprising and fiercely lampooned instances, only time willing, of course
Neglecting to welcome right in these colder than shoulders which will freeze and struggle like nothing we may have ever seen before
Fall away ’til recreating their very own locked bubble of bespoke misery – when that mirror flicks itself one-eighty and we finally get to see exactly what he was born to breathe

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