Why must we wait… haven’t we earned a damn crust, worked ourselves to the bone of our every single worth?
So you know, it does still hurt when you tell us otherwise
Disguising our hopes and dreams with these utterly and downright falsified words – the entirety of our beings having longed for just this
Outrageously blasphemed right about now
Mid-evening so far as the stretched a.m. – dregged beers in hand, quickfire pens in the other, churning inked butter
Sands of horrendously uncertain time washing all the way over our crazed crew-cuts
Two men with a serious dream and you try and kill it in one fell swoop
You’re no such trooper like we ever might have heard of. no troubadour wordsmith all of your own
We were nothing but a necessary prerequisite – an antacid – or so it does seem
When your bedraggled and torn apart people size us all of the way up before preparing themselves to tear us asunder
We will not plunder, not ’til such a time as you get to lie beneath us – our forever pillow
Wallowing in the dirt we use to bring ourselves on up to a higher, far more appreciable level
Pegging it with the rest of them now, perfectly mere mortals or so it does seem
We will raise a beer to that and absolutely nothing else

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