The bitter, bitter silly seed of implantation, something nobody wants to, nor need never be willing to speak of

A handsome once upon a better man – a nattering, chattering someone with settled time for his favourite best friend

We are all of us utterly accustomed to a past wreck of a wanton life – one life and no more comfortable surrounds
Sounds all of it out

His lay-about ego left in lay-about limbo – crushed and crying
Screaming against the grandiose grain til it is wishing upon a sweet, sweet albeit heavily extinguished Excalibur star

Forever so it seems and he sees no way about this tired place run riotously amok by these lethargic misbehaving’s

There he all was when it attempted to make singular sense
Of itself, of everybody, everything and their better nature

Matter of fact, he’s been unjustifiably, dutifully incarnated

Undeniably incarcerated by nothin’ but the sordid and soaring devil which screams endlessly, vacuously, spectacularly within – violently seeing all of this rip-torn evil midst a lesser, lesser lease of feeling til sinking, sinking

Ultimate and untimely tears and dropped by agonisingly distanced way of uncontrolled chaos

Always thinking, thinking, thinking for the ten of them – completely tongue-tied til left lonesome and alone

The only one – with a heavy heart and an even heavier will to keep on wishing for a final piece of unrivalled brilliance midst complete shy-lock to the system

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