They broke her brain for one soul reason…
Think in the long term and differentiate between eagle-eyed awareness aside earlier reconstruction which works its way out in one such inordinately immeasurable manner
Again – inside-out cordial pen-ny for her favourite worst thoughts and they really oughta tie a relic tombstone right by her post-humorous situation of delicious delivery
A salutation need not have to happen any more than they will forever fail to read it…since the over-opinionated beginning
When their pen battles with their brain left wanting, wishing, feeling, singing, stinging
Failing to adhere to her quick-some steer toward the epicentre of mediocre magnificence fails to find a melting-pot audience
For her l-i-f-e left wanting… wishing, feeling, singing, s-t-i-n-g-i-n-g

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