There WAS The utter insinuation that they didn’t act and mean to’ve been —- breaking toes and stepping on people’s minds for GOOD-GoD FUN(!)

Where they’ve been was utterly running ON… outrageously empty, and it is a pity we’ve not witnessed THAT particular element of surefire

survival of the UNfittest, maybe (?) it’s hard to be good and bad at the EXACT same time and popular at being unPOPular, even if: “how they saw it is to’ve been so very ludicrously k-i-n-d on themselves now.”

Behind these eyes lies — a state of unsuspected consequences needing to happen, noT never-ever mapPing themselves OUT(!!) again.

It’s been… many things TIL NOW but much more than MOST:: “this… game of crippling… everything, even though they haven’t ever asked for anything else but for

The remainders of their best selves” == and if they do appreciate the need to RECIPROCATE+and+breathe, then we will have to appreciate their simple need to

Settle DoWn and sit earth-shatteringly stILL- and to let that storm halt… … … to

A shuddering sense of Reverberating WarmTh