Ludicrous is what it is
I mean, do these boys have
Nothing better to do
With their time
Other than smoke cigarettes
I’d be wrong not to fret
Maybe it’s their parents
Who taught them
A thing or two
I hope not
Because next thing you know
It’ll be on to the booze
The pair of them
Crouched behind a wall
Out back
Drinking warmer than warm Budweiser
Cigarettes in hand
Giving Miss O’ Mahony
Nothing other than slack
We’ll have ourselves two such delinquents
Roaming about the neighbourhood
Making no more, no less
Than a nuisance of themselves
Committing crimes
Before we know it
They’ll be in their father’s shed
Taking a line of cocaine
I hope not
I really do
Or maybe I’m getting ahead of
Myself here
Maybe they’ll go back to playing
With their ball in the park
No longer interested
In a spark
Either way
I wish them luck
They haven’t had it easy
Not by a long shot
An alcohol-fuelled mother
Drug-addled father
You’ve got to pity
The two young brothers
Only time will tell
What the future holds
For them
If they manage to steer clear of danger
I’ll be the first to admit
They’ve become fine
Role models