We were doing the things which no One of Anybody else dared to imagine – the Cotswold TraGeDy, that inner inABILITY WHICH actually seems

To be: this AbIlItY:: to take their braveness of plACE and to Regularly Act utterly anticipatory. “They are of you and I and definitely these meaningfulPeople
Who did not EVEN-need to bReAtHe all that much anymore.”

We were here before and certainly altering our Very Own ViSiOnS to feel —)) all of nothing indeed— “why(?) how(?!) WHO(???) wHeRe(!!) and w-h-e-n shall

Share and state and S-T-A-R-E and carry its own sense of appreciative bEwiLdeR.”

So very near, their Impassioned ears are ReadyAndDefinitelyWilling—)) “to stay the u—t—t—e—r—l—y Distance, actually.. inDEED.”

Except for, “what they hEAR is NOT WHAT THEY f-€-€-l(… … ..).” When the need
To rest is TANTAMOUNT TO PROCEEDINGS. To finally.. “processing ALL OF IT.”