This crap about not being made for this world. A thing which people tend to find themselves saying sometimes. As though the pain that they have been pushing themselves through all their life, perhaps, has to eventually come to a point wherein… a higher level of consciousness is necessary for them to strive and survive. That’s not it. People just find their very own unique(not that unique, really)way of dealing with things. And, usually, if it tilts toward a spiritual inclination, and while that’s all.. well and good, so long as they don’t become goddamn preachers about it, all’s absolutely fair. Do what you need to do to feel settled in yourself, but don’t be preaching your beliefs which you chose for yourself in the first place to others and not even listening to what the other person might be trying to say. For me, at least, these sorts of people fall into the category of poem-piece fodder. I met a woman recently and in helping her open her front door, she proceeded to open a book of Buddhism and with hair cello-taped to some of the pages, she wouldn’t let me speak, which was absolutely fine, actually, because I had clocked out about one minute after meeting her. It’s nauseating. To a point of… “sssshhhh, stop talking. Stooooop pushing your crap on others. Stop.” It’s funny, really. But only because, personally, I can scribble about it. These are the.. relatively ‘mad’ and easily perturbed and overturned people. But why bother? They drive me insane, ironically enough 😆

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