There ain’t nothing crazy about me
‘Cept for the way I walk, way I talk, way I smoke
Choking you right the whole way out…
You counted for nothing ‘cept between these Punch ‘N’ Judy sheets – see what I mean? But a puppet on a shoe-string
Nonetheless, this particularly deceitful puppet show came to town just for you
Apologies for the utter honesty, seems ’tis truly all or nothing with me
A rockstar on a behemoth par with absolutely everyone, very nearly nobody
Go on, place your oh so subtle gun against a side of my jaded albeit intrepid head and I will only ever feel these bullets rain down upon me
Before getting to wholeheartedly catch each ‘n’ every last blast between my oh so eager teeth
Acid, don’t cha know.. Why not take a goddamn trip with me
I told you before, I was born otherworldly

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