Let me see, so many magic memories, marvelous moments to speak of, time well spent overseas in Majorca with beloved granny Margaret, my ex-wife Isabelle and never forgetting our delightful daughter Sorcha, oh how time sure does fly when you’re having fun
Then there was sunshine all around, 360 degrees of the stuff at Lourdes, where we sat silently side by side, while being blessed, no sins to speak about as of yet, heaven-sent, and if we did ever find ourselves caught in a slew then you could be rest-assured that we would repent
I remember it well, when I was just a child, we sold lemonade right outside our homes, mother promising us delicious home-baked biscuits, but only if my gang and I remained quiet, throughout the day, late on into the night, as well, of course, as managing to sell a few less than astute to say the very least concoctions, especially to Mrs. Magdalene Rose, the elderly neighbour living just over the road, a relentless bore