“She’ll stretch the truth til it’s a LIE we can ALL analyse…”

They were perceiving everything else that they can, really, and at a thousand miles per- she’s having a lazy old day of “YAY!!” and making it feel

Relatively both realistically A AND B-Okay. We won’t wanna entice our very own eyes when all that there has to’ve been is ++ an UPSET person standing in their very own vErsIoN of four walled corners and

“Chaotically CALLING US ALL OF the names under just one, AhEm… moon, actually.” It’s fairly frightful and a darkening of ostentatious attitude AT THAT…

and it’s certainly a thing with VENOMOUS wings ATTACHED-&-SINGING. And if she really wished for upstanding MODERNday citizenship LIVING INSIDE OF THESE hopScoTcH sOcIeTiEs then maybe she should’ve really earned her utterly hurting worth anyway. We won’t

Make miraculous movies OUT OF OUR VERY OWN L!VES this time for the SAKE of having been momentarily iconoclastic AND everlasting individuals of duelling tendencies… .

“she’s been attempting again to commonly compress and comprehend All Of The Incorrect Things Happening Inside Of Her VioLatEd head.” And IF there really were whittled-down worries stILL HanGinG oN aNd happening (TO HER)…

then she’ll REALLY need to
Disentangle her merRy oLd (sellout) sElF YeT AGAIN.

We are with her through thick and thin and anythingELSE which will upset her press-fast-forward-without-evening-knowing-it “soul”. Even if someMORE becomes an inexplicable bore…

And behind Any Brain’s reasonable reckoning.