Find one such way to pull yourselves from that a.m. bed, say what you finally wish to see
How could it ever be ungodly!!?
Never so exceptionally necessary for all of its worth in the whole wide world
Our wits are splitting entirely – for our forever brothers and sisters who deserve an ‘x’ placed upon that page more than anything else
The rage and utter animosity which has seemingly befallen all of them
And for no reason at all
‘Til now…
Tell me, when did we ever get so very inadequate in all of our lives, can we even begin to realise just how excruciatingly wrong a ‘no’ placed upon that same wayward page might turn out to be
You wait and see, a ‘yes’ will bring everything to the table – utmost equality and in far more ways than just the one
When your vote counts for absolutely everything on out there
Please, do us all a favour and try to prepare yourself accordingly

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