Where were we though when(?) our own sense of esteem guided its SELFISHness toward — another place of spatially aware idiocracy actually? If they were born again then.. they were probably born toDie

“By the eye of a detail instilled needle.” Never the, AHEM… MORE: they were exceeding their very own exceptional expectations again. And acting outrageously succinct and thinking..

Of the time it took their favourite swan song away. “They were writing it down to NOT lose unofficial SIGHT of All the Dazed and Derogatory days it did take

To spell-“OUT(!!!)” the words inside of their quiet little WILL-NOT-QUITminds. “How they go now is anyone’s guess, yet.. know this..”

And ABOVE ALL MOTHERFUUUUUUCKING ELSE:: They did it all with… a sense of utterly unidentifiable & selfless mindset, pressedAgainstTheInsides Of Their HeavenlyBrains///..

when PainMeetsPain and they stay the most beautiful distanceImaginable to ANY-man and… … .. “fuckit(!!)” with the rest of this… mindful bullshit.. …

often relinquished and left— “to the head-melting egotistical church-sayers of NoMindsAtAllAnyMORE.” Just imaginations tragically malnourished. Their Tabernacle doors shut