This may just get to be the most disgusting poem I ever write
And I can rest-assure you, it is NOT autobiographical
Just something to, perhaps, keep my creative streak etched forever up inside your haphazardous minds
Slightly creepy… just you wait ‘n’ see
P.S. The rumours are utterly untrue, it cannot, will not, send you – or I for that matter – any way blind
I mean, sure I can find far more appreciative subjects to write of
However, push comes to shove, right this minute it seems to be the particular ‘glove’ I have rather dangerously taken it upon myself to speak of
Sod the naysayers
Sure doesn’t everybody do it, to their crazily insatiable bodies!?
Shoddy… no two ways
Albeit happening all over the world forever and a lonesome day
Unzip, unzip… left, right and most certainly centre
I do, of course, pray that it does not fall upon an all too frowning eye or ten
This ain’t no such story where you come to read so as to unearth your every ZEN
Then again, who am I to say… each to their own
What a couple of you might say: “When the f@‪#‎k‬ will he ever grow up… This is downright disgusting…
“Can he not JUST stop… or even so much as “Grow some BLOODY cop-on!!”
‘Fraid not, and chances are, few and far between, that this particular post may gain more LIKES than any such verse, any such Ode, falsely personifying hope and glory
Far too fictional stories only ever getting to live ‘n’ breathe up inside my storyboard head
I mean, only yours if you like
Or maybe I’m completely wrong, and perhaps you are lucky enough to find yourself absolutely draped in Hollywood thongs
I’m looking at you, Leo Di Caprio…
I do dread the backlash, although seems I am far more desperate right now to know just how much of a catchment I am truly worth having
Strange and sudden feeling… none, it seems