An undoubted documentation of ‘The Human Condition’
Ultimately, she is a veiled painting in waiting, and everything I love is on the table
I have nothing to my name except for everywhere and anything – and I promise to survive by the research of my eyes
Poised and ready – reckless and overindulges again, the par-apathetic attempt to make secondary, tertiary sense
If she wants to see me cry then she will have to puppeteer my eyes with each and every single next string placed fashionably against every single next one of her manicured fingernails
They do say that the devil wears Prada, and that you are. There you all were.
Weighing the tonne of the whole wide world put upon my cumbersome shoulders and all at one time.
A silken and silhouette, vacantly inclined nutshell which carries with it an unforgettable face. Yet, still, I can see the water in your eyes.
He dreamed about her for thirty-three years and his sordid thoughts still whip, wind til stinging sufficiently inside of her listening, listless, limitless ear-piece
The disarming midst the dip, the dive
And the inescapable meander and reach for the farthermost parts of her predisposed soul
Looking inward inside – she feels heavenly gathering, as gracious as shall let oneself be – she laces her nude-blue brogues and places herself dishevelled amidst this
Bargain of a lifetime
She was lost so soon as the other people twisted their deck of cards and pardoned themselves superficially insane – still living, still seething and about to break that invisible glass-ceiling
Past the shape of the skin and out the other side – where she made herself feel at home inside of my mind …
Heads up, slow down, come back with me tonight, please
Can’t you simply see that these strangers are nothing but peripheral anymore – they’ve been losing their industrious appeal – and we are about to restore all rights to reckoning again?
Pull apart my endless theories by the broach of the shrieking page and return to sender say when … how’s about another liquefied sunrise with our Sad, Sad Captains, baby?
Where we choose to bend and break and to lose our adolescent rhyme midst Fahrenheit Cocktails and Over-Exposed Cigarette – these Lippy Kids are killing us all by the perfection of their simian stroll …
Building rockets with the nubs of their metaphorical toes just like Christy says so – it is nastily encapsulated but good at turning itself toward upside-down incredible again
My mind is finally made up and it appears to be that we are an undoubted documentation of ‘The Human Condition’ and I have the sincere-most feeling in the whole wide world that it is beginning to feel rather involuntarily real
Don’t you prefer it this way, too?
Because, if not, I can turn the page and rage a brand bland new war for all and sundry … Sunday through Sunday. Every which way.
Leaving it dog-eared at that. And we do belong inside of a nocturnal movie the confidential liars that we are … giving these peripheral people The Blackest of Dreams, while we start at rewiring their mundane minds
Ripping the heat out of the arms of the sun again … I told you from the very start that your faith lay within my fingers and never yours
Now, please, place my heart of cards against the beat of your retreating chest and watch us swim within a world of recklessly incorrect reasoning –  and you’d do well to remember it for yourself, that the violin plays oh so very motherfucking silently
V-i-o-l-e-n-t-l-y – and she is going to change the world, yet she can’t change me
Just another girl, another place, another heavenly face
To hide it all within the slumber of the page set to sail …
I am your cocktail afternoon and I do aim to profess to confess every next parlay by the bare-naked strip of your seller’s lip
Making magic of a Monday
Safe to say that he was born out of commitment, focus and dedication, the upward-curved expansion process upon its way to balancing-act legendary
Just do yourself one selfish favour and never trust a man who can decipher between the great d-i-v-i-d-e
It is within the noise of the eyes, which will forever reach inside of the alarm system