It’s still their sense of progressive creativity which really gets my juices flowing. I mean, I think I will always be mind-boggled as to how on Earth exactly they are able to create these sorts of pieces of art. The delicate nature of the consummate professionalism which takes place, the outright necessity to get it perfectly right. I like to imagine these kinds of artists to probably be perfectionists across the board in their lives: everything needing to be neat and tidy, and I do like that idea. Leave everything as you found it, etc. But it’s the artist’s vigour, their outright undeniably learned ability to do these things which really speaks to me. But to have an actual artist like this particular one to one day perhaps create a few of the characters inside of one or much more than one of my poem-pieces might be a really amazing thing. I’m thinking… moving, walking, talking versions of these characters so as to portray and, what’s more, go about undoubtedly enhancing my poem-pieces. Their themes, etc. The artwork characters even so much as… stumbling over to represent a, shall we say, difficult to stomach sentence. Or simply pointing at their wrist watch, telling me to move it along. They’re fed up, even. I think that that should appear nicely insightful enough. That’s my way, I suppose, of trying to show the reader, viewer, whichever, just what I am doing with the words. Now, that would truly feel incredible for me

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