Was a real beauty queen hidden beneath all of these rather crude surroundings – unasked for duties causing soon-to-be cracks about to portray a harshly lived adolescent face
Sounded out completely by an utter necessity to make all of these non-sensical bills go away and never come back again
Prettying herself on up every other petrifying evening for no real kind of a man whatsoever – just those with enticing dollar bill signs shaping these fists which all too ably get to chain her everything to unmade beds
Utter bed-hoppers, hopeless romantics gone completely awry – she the juiced apple, they the absolute darkened eye
Fed up with no such place to ever go of their own either
Those who she will always refer to as forever-pariahs
Her pretty manicured toes twisted into God awful submission time again
Unnatural decisions
They neglecting to mention right from the tremble-set beginning a certain degree of outright nasty folly when it came to ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ – a modern day sensation all on its own leaving her feeling anything but
Lonesome beauty queen princess nudged right out of high school
Nonetheless, she will writh her fine and fair affable stuff about the place, splay her blonde locks every which way ’til still their nasty and downtrodden hearts
Then start all over, biting, ferociously nibbling away ’til finally stealing a forlorn piece of her quivering shoulder
Yet none of her true inner beauty will ever so much as let itself admit to any of this crazily secretive deceit
“I want no real part of it, please!!”
She whispers oh so very slowly to herself whilst rolling her umpteenth pair of tights for the week of regret on over both these now typically accustomed tread carefully feet

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