A crushed mind causes moments to miraculously collide – the necessities are seeming to be endless

By manner of singularly speaking – stressed lips, forever equipped

This hard-smoking individual can bring a division of unconditioned people back together when seriously unsuspected – an uttermost overindulgent instance when immaculate meaning makes secondary sense again

Paramilitary Pen by way of extraordinary accordance – the stuffy one with dust-arisen spectacles to settle and simply see a way out, to unearth the deafening difference all around us – these unanimously magnetic surround-sound moments which will continue to pound like tasteful crazy against the farthermost reaches of his comfortable brain

Divulge, divulge, divulge, dear boy, and be sure as sweetened candy cane sugar to dutifully tie your singing American heartstrings by the tethered regions of their toiled existence

Till it feels absolutely otherworldly atop undeniably worthy of righteous rearrangement

Safe to settle and finally stress this one single thing above all else, that it is in fact you who owes it to one’s spectacular self to own the whole wide and wonderful world

Roundabout rumour has it that he has absolutely earned it

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