Romeo where did you ever take yourself off to tending to go – I sit immediately right here with this seriously prohibited stainless-steel cigarette – I appear to be your forever fly-girl

With pearl diamanté earrings fastened immediately right near, my many a scintillated thing seismic indeed

I am listening, can you not simply strenuously see?
When will we ever get to caress the other being’s many a pressed no less stressed thing, albeit I sit immediately right here, singing for only ever my trembling aside I treasured myself

Holding out for all of anything perched blessedly within, this monstrously creative being – wherein the truth holds itself gladly, half-hearted apart
From disdained, no less drained fiction

Turn the other cheek please and speak of me as though t’were I were the best girl in your forever world – for I will lie widely awake immediately right here

In the night hoping one day that We will finally arrive
I have waited for all of my nut-shelled life to sit and witness to watch

You gloriously soar amid my bone-dry everything
Settle say when, oh please, tenderly pressed, wordspill-lipped individual
Thrilled Aside Treasured
Mine – classy birds don’t kiss in bars with fools, we break all of these rules

We fasten our kaleidoscopic dresses and speak oh so goddamn irrepressibly expressive
In the end it all boils down, to credibility

I am the submarine, so please, feel free…
to submerge yourself
to permittedly
me – eyes wide opened, I’ve barely been copin’

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