The words are there; sometimes maybe not all the time but that’s… fine with me. Probably exciting, even. The grammar is off kilter- you know, the semi colons, etc. But really I had no time to learn that part of the whole thing. Doesn’t bother me. Shouldn’t bother me because, well, I was never in it for anything other than the pure enjoyment. And it does appear to be nicely – the scribbles style – lending itself to a more, shall we say, novelistic approach. A book. A relatively bonkers book perhaps because, well… I appear to be rather comfortably ‘bonkers’ in so far as my vision with my scribbles goes. That’s fine. It’s engrained, but also, I find it’s good to tear it all up when you feel like it, because that’s just art, just how the artist will want to continue on with it. It’s interesting because I now really don’t have any eye whatsoever on any kind of a future audience. It’s too tiring to have that play about on your mindset. I’m my own one singular audience, simple as that. And, somehow, I think that that might just have been the aim all along. To eventually get to actually vigorously approve of and, what’s more, proudly stand over my style of scribbles going forward. And that I most definitely appear to be doing now. Tenfold. Really, if I take the time to think about it, I guess I’m rather chuffed with what I both have and will be continuing to create 😊