They said that we cannot and should not “EVER” enter into another realm of realism inside the MinD.. m-a-g-n-i-f-i-e-d.

“Oh, my!” Yet, Vincent WILL whisper IT and ask me, “WHY?!”
Have they NOT allowed for one such aDdLed artISt to dig, dive and Delve..

R inside

To comfortABLY conVERSE(.) with an other.

His mind had been past-tense(past the point of tensely decimated)IMMENSELY ViLiFiEd, and to within a mind-ANGUISHING(!!) inch of his “pArAlYsEd life”.

As had mine. And, ULTIMATELY… taken to unpardonably FAST-TRACK t-a-s-k!

It’s been around-the-bend-of-the-Brain: “TiMeS a motherfucking(!!)MiLlIoN!!”

So much so, IN-FACT, that NO ONE person can start to fathom —

That sickeningly suggestive SeNse of nonsensical and mind-pummelling…
lingering decimation
A month of meds midst a might of mind

Only Vincent had NONE OF THIS: “why!!?”

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