These passionate eyes will deliriously flit ’til rather gloriously getting to ricochet about this haphazard place of his
A tempestuous taste for seemingly everything – when harshened realities abound rather beautifully aside unimaginably supernatural dreams
There’s an all too serendipitously-clad team of them sitting right here, waiting in these unsuspecting wings, looking to cause an altogether alarming quip – strip them of their necessary everything all over again
A subtle movement, no such set-in-stone level as of yet – temptingly precarious as such
A surefire, supposed must right about now
Seems the fret will need to be far more otherworldly to take it another rung above, when pressure amounts to tying a pretty little quixotic ribbon right round it
And when crazed hardship can manage to sting the enemy into an unrequited kind of submission

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