The tour de force, the calm before an anointed storm

Claustrophobia by all sworn accords – they’ve been continually conversing to a point of no known return, earning their momentary worth til it hurts like tasteful crazy

And he simply sees all of her visionary appeal – suited ‘n’ pristinely booted a la this unforgettable French connection of theirs

Been to the farthest reaches of the earth’s heavenly touch
To focus to the fullest extent, when all of this evening’s blissfully righteous misgivings were meant to meander and mean something rather stereotypically beneficiary – these pretty little coffee-swilling people who will forever carry the truth and narrow the route

To all known evil – wherein the mental magnitude is altogether a thing of surreal beauty

Safety in numbers, this is the delectable few with honesty and undeniable naturality the number one steal in this whole wide-eyed world of silent theirs

Leans in to comfortably whisper near her still stinging ear: “Meet me in the morning, please?”
Appears to be, she’s his silk-worm tease
Pleasing on the eye but my, oh my… when that dress comes down right round her naked knees it’s unnatural and otherworldly fantastical

Talented and thankful, she’s between the sheets sacrosanct

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