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‘This City of Maladjusted Mirrors’

An unfashionable person, yet her mind realigns and plays with the burgeoning-ly twisted, dishevelled and distanced time

These fashion-forward people are rude at being interrupting and…

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‘Inconsistent Rain Men’

While most brains relay in the meantime.
An OCD brain relates persistently.

This mile-per-millisecond juxtaposed fiasco.
Wherein perfection upsets itself via utter overthought til entirely exhausted.


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‘Delicatessen Girl’

Fabricated is fine, albeit besieged by what’s eerily riptorn and imaginatively fathomed from unimaginably funereal- all of it a haphazard and misshapen and plagiarised mess and her…

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He takes the cigarette smoke and poses to bow and blow a whole hole – within the dreaded and cauterised, numerically awry system

They have missed…

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To bring
And to breathe : and to secretively live and lucratively lie right by the deceptive in between

Is. This. Really. Dying?

To panic when…

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‘When Insane Plays Games’

Slouched and vilified, by the deadened and darkening light
By these two-decade-long bombastic lies

The popular failing – a born-again man-child
Placed harrowingly, contagiously, obsessively aside
The wrong brain…

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