When their tragedy held hands with hecticity that’s EXACTLY when we were warming-up to WarbLinG about LikE a pair of… THREE, actually, utterly (…)

NonJudgemental people: and praise us if-you will… “anoint yourselves the single-faced SET of repeat rePRObates

— of hectically aware audacity.”
“They were kindly asking themselves enough, perhaps… points of permissible permission to allow …

Us all:: to walk and talk and at the simultaneousSameTime.”
God bless their dilly/dallying, HelterSkeLtErInG of Mind.

…. because, Guess What(?) “We prepared this all in self-sacrificialStone, actually. And, Quite LITERALLY, You canNOT(!!) say faaaaar fairer than THAT” – when the matter really w-i-l-l outweigh the state of the fACT and it’s all of it been

A 99percent act.. of hanging onto everything amidst the overthrowing of nothing

“Watch their eyes while they die, it carried this smile” like as though a forming of fOrLorN Masterpiece and covered in contagious Gold

Just words in a page:: seethed with unmistakable Rage!!