Strikes a match/misshapen box of poisonous tricks and sits this way that way extra curricular/spectacular lady – pink-ribboned Chloe Sevigny wannabe

Laugh wholeheartedly/halfheartedly and harpoons a(n opinionated) dart right by his agonised chest of crucified dreams

Stay the (deathly) distance, handsome man

Pander to handle the cream of the crop can’t stop shan’t stop – her eyes are sparkling and apprehensively sparking this special occasion back to life / Spank – no thanks for asking / now pardon yourself silly you button-nosed, window-pained imbeciles

Opens her fire extinguishing honey dew drop eyes – analyse analyse analyse while puppeteer-ing a London Fashion Week smile
Hold her hand (tight) / tease her laddered, leather-enhanced thigh – a long walk/way from home but she’s all of her here
Still breathing but barely there – alcohol-infused rambling enchantment(s) of nectar(‘d) noise set loose