For all of an eternity – or perhaps not – to see
Plain and simply the face which launched a million ships, set a thousand-and-one Transatlantic hearts aflutter
Dependent, of course, upon which way you look
High-heeled to a point of no real return
Earning her every single wolf-whistle and far, far more
Needless to say it but remarkably distinguished nonetheless
Hell, even those utterly down ‘n’ out cannot but feel the outright need to adore her
Glaring over a forgotten and heavily burdened shoulder
Precious to within an inch of those aforementioned heels
A streak of jealousy oh so rife that those below par can only ever follow in embarrassingly tepid albeit intrepid pursuit
Guess what though?
Peel all of this away and a mesmerising degree of softness still manages to occur
As I say, absolutely otherworldly
Diluted oh so perfectly
Our Mid-Morning heartbeat atop a Paris bicycle
Your most delicate French feast, if you like
Jade Goody the past-participle-pizza to her modern day wanton croissant, however un-pc that statement may just turn out to be
Even so far as the slightest touch of an angel sent from above, albeit a little remiss to admit it
Push comes to shove, she still manages to remain upright
Sprightly and more
Pouring on into your freeze-frame vision
Immaculate precision on wheels
Stealing all of us right away, one pocket at a time