These delicately darkened aside deliciously memorable blue-hue skies, tell of a tale of rather pause-for-thought silence – stretched uttermost star-spangled, altogether unforgettably amidst
An undeniable feeling for outrageously gargantuan aside comfy kinds of soliloquy comfort

To the utmost upward-seeking cause of a lifetime
Courtesy of these European eagle-eyed people who carry a wanderlust drive

These mild-mannered witnesses who do simply mean to sip and drink sweet sweetened Champagne… and to finally make to create the difference, blessedly caressed…
‘Til oh so very perfectly uninterrupted within… these seriously over-active imaginings
Of truly devoted theirs

they’ve been diagnosed, both night aside – and forever of a magically inclined instance – these pretty little day-dreamers who we all cannot but
to constantly continue
to forever be

we’ve been reaching
for an exact same replica of
their many unfathomably unexplainable dreams

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