Just cannot quite shake this feeling of disbelief
Dunno why on earth you seemingly stalled the ball
Just something didn’t seem quite right oh so suddenly
Forgive me, for I simply need a reason
You never gave me
A mind-game you started playing so soon after the beginning
I feel fairly safe because no-one ever really takes the time to read these things
Least of all you
Sure I’m being ridiculously open but what of it
Rather that than someone prone to not giving a shit
Did my best
You pressed fast-forward and, then, I’d to come crawling
Most definitely against my utter will, all about an OCD-ego
For everything to be absolutely perfect
May as well have been anyone by the end
Don’t you dare take this to heart, seems I’ll write about damn near anything
Only, perhaps, a little more sensitive
For all I ever really wanted was a book-deal
And I may just have got it
Christ I could swing

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